January 21, 2020


As we continue to reflect on God’s promises, I am enamored by the ways these very promises we are discussing are made known in big and small ways.  This Sunday’s worship centers around one of the more famous passages of Scripture, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, which begins with the Beatitudes.  We do a lot of thinking about who is blessed, based on the populations that Jesus mentions- who were these people during Jesus’ life and ministry?  Who are these people now?  Am I blessed?  What do I have to do to be blessed?  It might be helpful to consider what we mean when we talk about being blessed, and blessings themselves.  I can tell you one thing, it is certainly more than #blessed.  Join me in reflecting on this word “blessed” and those whom Jesus calls blessed.  I look forward to our conversations and worshipping God with you.  As you go about your week, may you know the depth of God’s abundant love and the expanse of God’s radical hospitality for you and for all creation.

In this and in all things, may the peace of Christ be with you,


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