Northminster Presbyterian Church’s New Wedding Policy

On September 18, 2016, the Session of Northminster Presbyterian Church voted in favor of a wedding policy that is in line with the definition of marriage adopted by the PC (USA). Under this new policy, same-gender weddings will be permitted at Northminster.

Under the study and direction of the Marriage Task Force, the Session offers its unanimous consent for the following recommendation:

That the Session of Northminster Presbyterian Church allow the use of the church facilities-to include the sanctuary, fellowship hall, other buildings, and grounds for weddings, performed by the called pastor of Northminster, or a pastor duly invited, without regard to the gender of the couple being married. Each wedding ceremony will still require the approval of the Session consistent with the PCUSA Book of Order current prevailing sections; however, that approval will not be withheld due exclusively to the genders of the requesting couple.

Couples interested in a wedding at Northminster Presbyterian Church should contact the church office and make an appointment with the Pastor.  Marriage is a holy event celebrated in the context of a worship service.  Pre-marital counseling is strongly recommended in preparation for two becoming one.  Please contact the church office for more information on our wedding policies and arrangements.




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