Guidelines and Rules for Use of Northminster Presbyterian Church facilities and campus:

Our primary hope is that Northminster Presbyterian Church’s facilities and campus be used to help our community nourish their mind, body and spirit.  

The physical facilities and resources of Northminster Presbyterian Church are for the use of the ministry and mission of Northminster Presbyterian Church. Decisions about the use of church facilities shall be guided by the principle stated above as well as the principle of responsible stewardship of the assets of the church.

Download a Building & Grounds Use Request Here

The following rules apply to all parties:

  1. All groups or individuals must schedule use of any church facilities with the Office Administrator. Priority will be given to members, committees or organizations of Northminster Presbyterian Church.
  2. A responsible adult will fill out the use form and accept responsibility for the use of the facilities and be liable for any damage incurred. If applicable, this adult will be responsible for the signing out of a key and its prompt return after use.  Lost key(s) may result in a $500 fine to rekey our locks.
  3. No alcohol, tobacco, weapons or illegal substances are allowed anywhere on our campus.  The only exception to this rule is the area designated for tobacco use outside the mobile unit at the back of our campus. All furniture, equipment and supplies should be returned to their original condition at the conclusion of the event or use.
  4. Northminster’s Child Safety Policy must be adhered to at all times.
  5. Any exception to these guidelines must be approved by the Session.


The Church’s Right to Cancel:  It is impossible to anticipate the potential emergencies where the church might need the use of its facilities on short notice. Barring such emergencies, our goal is to provide 30 days’ notice whenever possible to any group if a conflict arises causing cancellation of the group’s reservation.


All groups will sign a liability waiver.  


All usage agreements will be reviewed on a regular basis and are subject to termination by the Session.


Fees and Deposits:

Exemption from Fees: It is the policy of Northminster Presbyterian Church to make our facilities available as much as possible in order to meet our commitment and ministry to our community.  Fees may be waived for certain charitable groups and groups sponsored in part by the church.  If you wish an exemption, please discuss your reason for the exemption with the Office Administrator or the Pastor, keeping in mind that there are certain fixed costs of cleaning and utilities that must be paid. All exemptions will be approved by the Session.

$50 security deposit is required for all outside use.  For single use events, this deposit will be held and returned undeposited after the event if everything is found to be in order, without damage, and the event begins and ends on time.  For recurring or multi-use events, this deposit will be returned upon the conclusion of the use agreement if everything is found to be in order and without damage.

If you collect a fee as part of your activity:

Northminster Presbyterian Church members: 10% of your fees collected/profit are charged for facility use

Non-Members: 20% of your fees collected/profit are charged for facility use

These fees can be paid monthly, quarterly or as arranged with the Office Administrator

Non-Member Non-Profit “Private Use” is arranged on a case by case basis, with a fee of $25 per use for recurring or multi-use events.

Storage space may be available for an additional fee to be negotiated and approved with the Office Administrator and the Session.  


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